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Our James lapel flower is created with miniature red Spray Roses accented with greenery.

Finished with a black and silver ribbon wrap.  (This can be changed to another ribbon color of choice if desired)

Comes with pins and is ready to be placed on the left side of a tuxedo or suit jacket. 

The "James" lapel flower is a striking accessory, perfect for anyone looking to add a dash of drama and romance to their formal wear. This design features miniature red spray roses, full of passion and vitality. The red of the roses is classic and evocative, symbolizing deep love and respect, making it an excellent choice for significant occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or romantic evenings out.  This lapel flower can be customized with a different color ribbon, allowing for a perfect match with other elements of the attire or the theme of the event. Such personalization makes the "James" lapel flower a versatile choice for various formal occasions. Prepared with pins for ease of placement, the "James" is designed to be worn on the left side of the jacket, over the heart. This traditional placement not only aligns with etiquette but also serves as a subtle nod to the flower's symbolic meaning of passion and esteem. Whether it's to complement a tuxedo at a gala, add a touch of class to a suit at a corporate event, or serve as a romantic gesture at a wedding, the "James" lapel flower is an accessory that carries more than just aesthetic value—it's a statement of style and sentiment.

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