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Whether you are a diy-er, or just a creative mind, our per-stem category offers wholesale or bulk pricing for flower, foliage, and so much more.

Create your own arrangements with the same high-quality blooms your favorite South Carolina florists use. Expressions Unlimited is here for you.

The flowers or foliage selected with come boxed just like we receive it from our flower farms for easy transport and not suitable as a gift as is. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Expressions Unlimited the best place in South Carolina to buy wholesale flowers?

Expressions Unlimited is honored to offer the same high-quality flowers and foliage that we use in store to you. We are proud to be the leading florist in Greenville and Greer. With our extensive on-hand inventory, you can always find the perfect flowers from us. Connect with the best, call Expressions Unlimited.

How are per-stem flowers packaged?

Our per-stem flowers are packaged in the same way we receive them from the wholesaler. Depending on the stem, that may include wrapping.

How much do bulk flowers and foliage cost?

Our DIY Collection is priced according to season and bloom. Of course, in-season flowers will usually be the most affordable option.

Is it worth it to DIY wedding flowers?

We believe that the skills of our floral designers are valuable and useful. If you are looking for a small set of arrangements or would like to explore the DIY option, we are here to help. Many brides chose to get a small bouquet made as an example and DIY the rest. 

Small mono-arrangements of baby's breath are also very popular and do not require specialized skills. If you are DIY-ing arrangements for a wedding, please feel free to give us a call. Our designers are always ready to offer their expertise and advise.

How do I keep my per-stem flowers fresh until the event?

Keeping your flowers in a cool, dark place will help keep them fresh longer. Changing the water and appropriately cutting the flowers will also keep them vibrant until the day of your event.

How do I create DIY centerpieces on a budget?

The most important step is to identify what your flower budget is. Dividing the floral budget by the number of centerpieces you would like will give you your budget per arrangement.

Having the budget per arrangement is what helps you choose size, flower type, etc.

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