Buncombe Street United Methodist Church

Purchase An Poinsettia To Someone or For Decorating The Church

2020 has been a year of new normals. BSUMC has partnered with Expressions Unlimited to safely continue our Poinsettia Gifting tradition. You can order the specially selected Poinsettia (pictured below) to be delivered to the church and used to bring holiday cheer to everyone at the church for the season. 

If you would like your Poinsettia taken to a homebound BSUMC member, Please call 864-271-9972 to complete your order.

Your order will benefit BSUMC Flower Fund as in years past. You can order below or call Expressions Unlimited.


Favorites in Church Poinsettias

Need Help Finding the Perfect Design?

Call our floral experts at (864) 271-9972 and we'll make it easy to find a memorable gift.

A Word from Our Customers