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Celebrate Love With Flowers

Whether you are celebrating your first anniversary with carnations, or your twentieth with Asters, we have the perfect floral arrangement to help you commemorate a special day! Explore more below, or call us for something special

Favorites in Love-ly Bouquets

Sending anniversary flowers from Expressions Unlimited in Greenville, SC, is a romantic and meaningful way to commemorate another year of love and partnership. Flowers, with their diverse hues and forms, carry deep symbolism and can be tailored to celebrate each milestone in a couple's journey together. Expressions Unlimited, known for its exquisite arrangements and thoughtful service, offers a wide variety of blooms that encapsulate each anniversary's essence, making the celebration even more special.

For early anniversaries, sweet and delicate flowers like daisies or carnations symbolize the innocence and joy of the initial years, with pink carnations primarily representing love and admiration. As couples reach the milestone of a decade, vibrant yellow daisies and daffodils reflect the joy and renewal of ten years together. For the 25th anniversary, irises stand tall and proud, symbolizing the wisdom and respect that have deepened over a quarter of a century. The grandeur of roses, especially red ones, is perfect for romantic milestones, embodying deep love and passion, making them an ideal choice for any anniversary, but particularly for those significant markers like the 15th, 20th, or even 50th, when gold roses can signify the prosperity, strength, and wisdom gained over half a century together.

Choosing to send anniversary flowers from Expressions Unlimited in Greenville, SC, means celebrating the past and looking forward to the future with hope and affection. Each carefully curated and personalized bouquet becomes a testament to the enduring bond between partners, making anniversaries a beautiful reaffirmation of love and commitment.

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