Crimson Passion

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Crimson Passion, a wedding style curated by Expressions Unlimited, is a celebration of intense love and fervent devotion, brought to life through a captivating combination of red roses, Safari Sunset, and accented with the exquisite silver dollar eucalyptus and ruscus. This bold and fiery style is perfect for couples who want to make a striking statement on their special day.

The rich red roses at the heart of Crimson Passion are an emblem of love, desire, and courage. Their vibrant hue symbolizes the intensity of emotions shared between the couple. Paired with the unique and eye-catching Safari Sunset, which adds depth and intrigue with its crimson and orange tones, the overall effect is one of passion and drama. The silver dollar eucalyptus and ruscus provide an elegant contrast, with their silvery-green foliage adding a touch of sophistication to the arrangements. Expressions Unlimited's meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the wedding, from the opulent bridal bouquet to the dramatic ceremony decor, embodies the fiery spirit of Crimson Passion.

This wedding style is perfect for couples who wish to celebrate their love with a bold and unforgettable statement that will leave a lasting impression on their guests.

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