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Posted by Staci Bryant on March 14, 2023 Uncategorized

Distinctive Mother’s Day Flower Picks for Every Mom’s Personality

May is always a lovely month in South Carolina, as temps continue to rise and spring blooms give way to summer breezes. Then next month all of the rhododendron shrubs will come alive, filling our horizons with pink and purple explosions of color. But before that happens, we’ll come together to honor the most important people in our lives: our moms. That’s right, it’s almost Mother’s Day, the optimal time of year to surprise her with an artfully-arranged bouquet of blooms; this timeless gesture never fails to make a mother feel appreciated and deserving of all things beautiful. For best results, get in touch with us here at Expressions Unlimited in Greenville, South Carolina. Our seasoned team of floral professionals will create an arrangement as beautiful and one-of-a-kind as the mother in your life.

The Workout Mom

Are you in awe of the workout mom in your life who effortlessly balances work, family, and a fitness routine with ease? She’s the one who never misses a gym session, takes long hikes on the weekends, and always finds a way to incorporate exercise into her daily routine. For her, staying healthy is a way of life. This Mother’s Day, why not celebrate her commitment to wellness with a gift as unique as she is? A bouquet of stunning orange lilies will do the trick. These blooms symbolize pride, confidence, and admiration — all traits that embody the workout mom’s dedication to taking care of her mind and body.

The PTA Mom

PTA moms are the unsung heroes of the school community. They tirelessly work behind the scenes, attending meetings, organizing fundraisers, and advocating for their child’s education. It takes a special kind of person to juggle all of these responsibilities, and PTA moms do it with grace and determination. So on Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the spirit of these amazing women with a gift that captures their passion for education and their unwavering commitment to their children. A bouquet of stunning red tulips is the perfect way to honor their dedication and love. These flowers are a symbol of charity, a value that PTA moms hold close to their generous hearts.

The New Mom

Entering into motherhood is a transformative experience, one that brings with it a profound sense of responsibility and love. It’s a journey that can be both daunting and exhilarating, but despite the ups and downs, one thing remains constant: the overwhelming love and joy that comes with welcoming a new member into your family. That’s why the new mom in your life deserves to be celebrated this Mother’s Day with a thoughtful and meaningful arrangement of flowers. And when it comes to flower selection, celebrate with classic carnations and dainty baby’s breath. Carnations are a symbol of love and admiration, and baby’s breath, with its delicate beauty and subtle fragrance, is a sweet reminder of the precious new love that’s in full bloom.

The Coffee Mom

The coffee mom is a force to be reckoned with, always on the go and fueled by her favorite drink. Whether she’s working on her latest project or catching up with friends, you can bet she’s got a cup in hand. To that end, this Mother’s Day, surprise her with a bouquet of flowers that perfectly capture her free-spirited style. Go for an arrangement that’s as unique and eclectic as she is, with spray roses taking center stage. These striking blooms will add just the right touch of drama to her space, while showing her how much you appreciate her love of all things java.

The Plant Mom

We all know that one person who seems to have been born with a green thumb. Their passion for gardening and indoor plants is unmatched, and they possess a natural talent for nurturing and growing just about anything. They are the ultimate plant mom, who considers her botanical beauties her babies. That’s why on Mother’s Day, we suggest you take the opportunity to surprise her with a gift that celebrates her love for all things green. A flowering plant, like a stunning azalea, is an excellent choice that she can either keep indoors or plant in her beloved garden. With its striking and vibrant petals, an azalea can add a touch of drama to any space and make her heart skip a beat.

No matter is she is a coffee aficionado, a plant wizard, or a workout queen in her own right, every mom wants to feel loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day. We think the best way to do that is to give her a dazzling array of flowers that will lift her spirits high. Count on Expressions Unlimited here in Greenville, South Carolina to do it right.