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Posted by Staci Bryant on February 23, 2021 | Last Updated: March 5, 2021 Blue Flowers Flowers Gifts Love and Romance Orchids Plants


From “happy birthday” and “I love you,” to “congratulations” and “get well soon,” flower arrangements have a lot to say. Breathtaking blooms, like orchids, also have a rich history full of symbolism that enhances their beauty and makes sending these flowers extra thoughtful. For instance, do you know how “moth orchids” got this nickname? A Swedish Naturalist, named Peter Osbeck mistook a Phalaenopsis Orchid for a cluster of moths in the mid-1750s, and the name stuck. The name “Cymbidium Orchid” is derived from the Greek word “kymbos” meaning “boat,” and refers to this flower’s boat-shaped lip.

The inspiring symbolism behind each unique bloom allows us to express our love and appreciation in a fresh way. The orchid is perfect for acknowledging our romantic side, a cherished friendship, and unique beauty. In China, it’s common for friends to send each other Cymbidium Orchids as this particular orchid represents valued and respected friendships. If you’re eager to learn more about the symbols and meanings of orchids, our expert floral team here at Expressions Unlimited, the best florist in Greenville, is ready to help.

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Symbolism and Meaning of Orchids


Orchids are a perfect gift for growing families as they’re a symbol of fertility. Even the Ancient Greeks connected these blooms to fertility, and utilized orchid roots to predict the gender of babies before birth. Pink orchids are especially meaningful flowers to celebrate baby showers and new parents, as they symbolize joy, innocence, and grace in addition to fertility.


As a symbol of charm, these blooms are a unique gift for your crush or sweetheart. Orchids will help you stand out in a sea of roses or sunflowers while you treat your loved one. What could be more charming?


Throughout history, orchids were a very sought-after bloom. As an uncommon but highly treasured flower, the orchid became a great symbol of love to those who received them as gifts. Today, the meaning behind orchids is still tied to deep love, romance, elegance, admiration, and passion. Add pink, lavender, purple, and red orchids to the next arrangement for your love.


In Europe, orchids have been deeply admired for their beauty ever since the Victorian Era. As this flower continues to leave its onlookers in awe, it has become a symbol itself of beauty. Today, we give orchids to those whom we believe are the most beautiful both inside and out, specifically white and blue orchids.


Orchids, quite literally, have a rich history. As the royal and upper-class families of the Victorian Era obsessed over these blooms, orchids quickly became a symbol of refined taste and luxury. Today, the meaning of orchids isn’t complete without the inclusion of “refinement.” Purple orchids are especially associated with royalty, admiration, dignity, respect, and authority.


Some say, “it’s the thought, not that gift, that truly counts.” However, when it comes to explaining the meaning behind orchids and their symbolism for thoughtfulness, it’s their unique and uncommon beauty that matters. While sending someone flowers is thoughtful, it takes a little extra thought and consideration to select an orchid. Blue orchids are also a symbol of uniqueness, rarity, and of course, beauty.

If your next celebration calls for fresh and divine orchids, let your friends at Expressions Unlimited know. Keep in mind a flower’s history and symbolism when selecting the perfect arrangement for loved ones. They are sure to be inspired and touched by your thoughtfulness and impressed by your knowledge of florals.