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Posted by Staci Bryant on July 8, 2021 | Last Updated: July 12, 2021 Flower Etiquette Flower Gifts Flowers Love and Romance

Fun Ways to Pick Up Travelers from the Airport with Flowers

Taking the time to drive to the airport and pick up an out-of-town guest or a loved one is certainly exciting. After a long-awaited reunion, meeting them at baggage claim with a fresh bouquet of flowers can make this greet extra meaningful. Your creative friends and experts here at Expressions Unlimited, the top florist in Greenville, have a few more ideas when it comes to presenting blooms to travelers that are sure to be memorable and unique.

How to Surprise Loved Ones with Blooms

Present Flowers at the Airport

When you start thinking about giving a floral bouquet to a loved one at the airport, the obvious thing to do is to greet them with flowers as they walk off the plane. Consider different ways to stand out in the crowd to ensure the person you are picking up can easily spot you from afar. Tap into your creativity, sweet and sensitive side, or exercise your funny bone while you create a homemade sign to hold along with their blooms.

Spruce Up Your Car

While carrying multiple bags in addition to a floral bouquet, navigating through a busy or large airport can be hard. To make life easier, it can be fun and wise to present them with blooms once you get to the car instead. Flip the front seat into a welcome wagon with their flowers in the cupholder, snacks on the sear, and perhaps a small gift or sweet message in a card. They are sure to be moved by the thoughtful surprise that awaits them as you load their luggage into the car.

Decorate Your Home

Keep the excitement and celebrations alive even after you arrive home. Give your loved ones or guests a proper homecoming or welcome by draping an impressive banner on the wall and a breathtaking bouquet of blooms proudly sitting underneath. Add in a few treats, bake a cake, or purchase some chocolates to make the evening even sweeter.

Tease with a Single Stem

If you have your heart set on greeting them with their favorite flowers at the airport but want to avoid the struggle and hassle of carrying both bags and a floral bouquet, simply welcome them with a single bloom. This small yet sweet surprise is sure to leave a large impact, especially if you have the rest of their grand bouquet waiting for them on the table at home.

Display a Bouquet in the Guest Room

Freshen up your guest room with a cheerful pop of color and graceful greeting. Elegantly display their floral bouquet on a dresser or nightstand in a vase of fresh water and include a short welcome note with suggestions of places to explore around the town. This is another thoughtful way to welcome your guests while ensuring the flowers last throughout the duration of their visit.

Enjoy Fresh Morning Blooms

If your loved ones are arriving late at night, presenting them with flowers while they are exhausted may not have the same effect or yield the reaction you were hoping for. Especially if they are overtired, it might be best to arrange a surprise floral delivery for the next morning. This way, everyone can admire the blooms over tea, coffee, and breakfast and wake up to the sight of their favorite blooms in a more impactful way.

Giving travelers and visitors uplifting blooms at the airport is a sentimental tradition that has been practiced around the globe for decades. However you prepare and plan this beautiful warm welcome and stunning surprise for loved ones, they will be filled with joy and emotion. Find the best flowers for the job and explore our online collection here at Expressions Unlimited.

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