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Expressions Unlimited

Posted by Staci Bryant on June 10, 2024 Uncategorized

Symbolic Blooms for All Sorts of Family Celebrations

Dive into the language of flowers with our thoughtful guide to symbolic blooms for all your relatives! Want to send a “thanks for being the best” for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, a “you’re the real OGs” for your grandparents on Grandparent’s Day, or a “missing our childhood shenanigans” for National Siblings Day? Expressions Unlimited, the top florist in Greenville, has the perfect symbolic stems that shine brightly, spread love, and share your emotions, all without saying a word.

Send Love & Gratitude to Your Parents

Sending love to Mom and Dad with flowers? Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just because, roses and peonies are the perfect symbols of love between children and parents, especially pink, yellow, or peachy blooms. You can even add a sweet thank-you note with ranunculus and lilies to let them know they’re simply the best.

Show Your Respect & Admiration for Grandparents

The perfect way to express just how much your grandparents mean to you is with timeless stems. Keep it classy with chic orchids and irises (symbols of admiration, grace, wisdom, and elegance), or make it pop with some bright and cheerful daffodils that bring all the spring vibes. Finally, sending purple asters on Grandparents’ Day is like giving your gram and gramp the royal treatment they totally deserve.

Celebrate the Cheerfulness & Wisdom of Aunts & Uncles

Big love to your cool, wise, and fun aunts and uncles! For these family members, we love indigo flowers (representing wisdom from your favorite confidant) like thistle, anemone, iris, and delphinium. Because who else do you call when you need some sage advice but “your parents just wouldn’t understand”? And since your aunt and uncle’s bright personalities make any family gathering memorable, cheerful birds of paradise and yellow blooms match their vibes flawlessly. It’s a total mood!

Thank Siblings & Cousins for Their Friendship & Strength

Want to thank your sibs and close cousins for always being by your side—and not just during those sneaky childhood cookie heists? Surprise them with a bouquet that’s as chill, resilient, and incredible as they are. To represent all those times they made you stronger, chrysanthemums and snapdragons nail it. For the fantastic friendships and unbreakable bonds you’ve built, yellow flowers and alstroemeria say it all. And because your sibs and cousins are just the coolest, we love a few eucalyptus stems.

Spread Peace & Positivity to Your Chosen Fam

For your chosen fam—the friends who vibe with you on every level, always drama-free and full of good energy—send a bouquet that’s as sunny and chill as they are. Toss in some sunflowers and hydrangeas for a calm, serene look that matches the peaceful aura they bring to every hangout. Pop in a few gerbera daisies to boost the cheer—because they’re all about that positive life.

Whether close enough to borrow a charger or far enough to need a plane ticket, a bouquet from Expressions Unlimited is the perfect way to send a sweet, fragrant hug! Opt for flowers with sentimental meanings and let your fam feel the love.

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