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Posted by Staci Bryant on September 27, 2021 | Last Updated: October 1, 2021 Autumn Fall Flowers Flower Gifts Flowers Holiday Decor Holidays Plants Roses Thanksgiving

A Guide to Fall Blooms in Trending Fall Hues

The colors of the seasons change along with the amazing hues of your favorite seasonal fruits, veggies, and flowers. In the summer, we enjoy bright, vibrant, and colorful fruit like watermelon and pineapple and tropical blooms like hibiscus and birds of paradise. As we transition from summer to autumn, we see less vibrancy and move into warm comforting hues. Orange pumpkins, red and green apples, and yellow squash are among some fall favorite produce, and you can certainly glance out your window to find more trending colors of the season. The experts here at Expressions Unlimited, the best florist in Greenville, cannot get enough of these fall hues as the autumn flowers bloom into the hottest up-and-coming colors of the season.

What Colors Are in Season?


Did you know that roses are one of the top ten most popular flowers? While you can enjoy these romantic and passionate stems all year round, fall roses blooming in an autumn color palette of white, yellow, orange, and red create a warm and crisp feel for your home. A bouquet of fall roses is also the perfect gift for friends, family, and coworkers as these hues represent innocence, friendship, delight, energy, life, passion, and love.


Offering white, orange, lavender, purple, yellow, and red tones, chrysanthemums are one of the true signs that the brisk fall season is upon us. From gardens and front porches to farmer’s markets and nurseries, mums make their appearance just about everywhere we look this season. That’s why we love to suggest including “the queen of fall flowers” in your home decor and fall floral arrangements. 


Daisies are a cheerful bloom that eases us into the autumn season after a fun-filled, warm, sunny summer. As a true symbol of transition, new beginnings, hope, and fun, daisies are nothing short of perfect for this transitional season before winter. They add an uplifting accent to any fall floral arrangement or create a magnificent bouquet all on their own with red, yellow, purple, and orange tints to complement the season.

Craspedia Billy Balls

Another uplifting and warm yellow autumn hue can be found in Craspedia billy balls. They offer onlookers a satisfyingly perfectly round flower perched on a clean skinny stem that fits nicely into any arrangement. Craspedia billy balls are chosen to add character and idiosyncrasy to fall flower arrangements, but can also be displayed in a bunch of their own for a cheerful and unique piece of autumn home decor.


As a popular and classic autumn bloom, it should come as no surprise to learn that marigolds are the official birth flower for the month of October. With a similar appearance to carnations and daisies, these cheery, pom-pom-like, bright, and colorful flowers can be yellow, orange, sometimes red, or a gorgeous mix of two. As we approach the chilly and brisk months of fall, marigolds can be a mood-boosting reminder and symbol of light, strength, power, and positive energy.

Looking to Mother Nature helps us pinpoint the trendiest colors of the season, making it easy to add her alluring, fresh, and colorful floral gifts to complement your existing fall home decor. Whether you place your autumn blooms outside in your garden or porch pots, or inside to liven up your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, or perhaps you want to present fresh autumn flowers to loved ones, you are sure to find the best seasonal bouquets and arrangements here at Expressions Unlimited

Our Autumn Repose is a inspired by the calmness of the season. Pampas Grass add softness and height to the bouquet. Wild Grasses add color and texture throughout the one sided design that is perfectly suited for a buffet. The flowers reflect all of the rich Autumn tones, reds, oranges and golden yellows. The Dried Lotus Pod centered in the middle is a focal point that adds a botanical touch to a sophisticated gathering of Fall flowers. The design is anchored in a heavy weight glazed ceramic dish in a rich chocolate brown.

Autumn Repose

This fall, make that special someone blush with joy! Gorgeous bi-color roses and lilies brighten their day, while the magnificent mercury glass hurricane vase is a sparkling gift they'll always cherish.

Fall Blush Bouquet