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Posted by Staci Bryant on May 3, 2021 | Last Updated: May 6, 2021 Flowers Summer

Backyard BBQ Style & Decor Tips for Summer

Memorial Day cookouts and summer barbeques are just around the corner, and the experts here at Expressions Unlimited, the best flower shop in Greenville, are getting ready. With unique floral arrangements and creative ideas, it’s time to spice up the backyard festivities. This year, your cookout is about more than grilling the best pulled pork or burgers, it’s also a celebration around gathering with your family and friends. Enjoy this special occasion to the fullest and in style with details that are sure to “wow” everyone in attendance. From floral decor and lush centerpieces to drink garnishes and parting gifts, learn how to elevate your BBQ with your favorite summer flowers.

Four Ideas for Decorating Your Cookout with Fresh Flowers

Add Colorful Flower Accents

Make this year’s summer cookout a celebration by incorporating uplifting and bright pops of color with fresh flowers. Between the mouthwatering food sizzling on the grill to Mother Nature’s beauty, the majority of your backyard or outside space has a natural and neutral tone. Lively floral arrangements and creative accents are sure to elevate your guest tables, food displays, and dessert stands.

Select Hardy Blooms

The most important part of selecting the best flowers and floral arrangements for your BBQ is making sure they are able to withstand the summer sun and heat. Roses, for example, often wilt in warmer temperatures and are therefore not the best option for your cookout. Alternatively, some of our favorite hardy blooms and plants are the perfect options. These include daisies, sunflowers, pincushions, carnations, succulents, anthurium, delphinium, wax flowers, and eucalyptus. After the party ends and your guests head home, you can even take these plants back inside for fresh home decor that can last for days.

Garnish Drinks with Florals

Summer blooms aren’t just for centerpieces and traditional decor. Get creative with the way you incorporate blooms into your backyard cookout this year and style your drinks. As you serve the traditional soda and beer, you can also include fun cocktails, like a lavender lemon spritz or fruit-infused waters, to your drink menu and garnish each cup with a sweet flower. Guests will love the floral accent and the special thought you put into your gathering. Before garnishing, be sure that the petals you have picked are safe for consumption by checking in with your local florist.

Style Mason Jars for Gifts

If you are looking for a fun idea for your outdoor BBQ decor, go on a hunt for a few mason jars to use as vases for fresh summer flowers. By pairing rustic, nostalgia, and charm with bright, bold blooms, you have created the perfect mini floral arrangements to display on guest tables and food stations. You can also put your personal style and flare on these DIY creations by adding ribbon to the jars or decorating as you please. At the end of your party, surprise your guests with their own mason jars filled with flowers that they can take home. They are sure to reminisce on your cookout each time they admire the beauty.

Go all out for your first cookout of the summer while you embrace spending quality time with friends and family. Bright blooms, fresh florals, and thoughtful details are sure to elevate your backyard bash in style. While you start your season of grilling on a high note, your friends here at Expressions Unlimited are ready to lend a hand.

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