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Posted by Staci Bryant on July 20, 2023 Uncategorized

How to Receive Romantic Blooms from Your Partner Outside of Valentine’s Day

Nothing compares to the charm of a well-thought-out, romantic bouquet of flowers delivered to your doorstep simply “just because.” Knowing that your partner went out of their way to connect with a florist, select romantic or symbolic flowers to express their feelings, and even include a heartfelt card message fills you with butterflies – especially if it’s not even Valentine’s Day! Sometimes, partners overlook this sweet gesture, not due to lack of love, but because it honestly slips their minds. If this sounds familiar, the expert florists here at Expressions Unlimited, the best flower shop in Greenville, are sharing tips for subtly suggesting to your partner the brilliant idea of sending you “just because” flowers.

When to Hint to Your Partner That You Want Flowers

  1. Your birthday is coming up
  2. Your birthday was last week, and you didn’t receive flowers
  3. You rescued a new fur baby
  4. You’re looking forward to a cozy date night in
  5. You’re graduating with a Ph.D.
  6. You met a challenging deadline a few days early
  7. Although you worked so hard last quarter, your boss didn’t offer you the promotion
  8. You decided to reinstate Womancrush Wednesday
  9. You want to treat every day like Valentine’s Day
  10. They’re going on a quick trip while you stay home with the kids for a few days
  11. They’ll be welcoming you back home after your girls’ trip
  12. You just got approved for your first mortgage
  13. You’ve finally completed your spring cleaning and are ready to freshen up the living room
  14. They’re looking for a way to say “I’m sorry”
  15. You’re trying out a new cookbook and creating the most delicious meals
  16. You’re ready to accept your own rose as you enjoy the season premier of The Bachelorette
  17. You’re celebrating your first date anniversary
  18. You gracefully tackled challenges and difficult situations all week long
  19. Your medical diagnosis is not as serious as you were expecting
  20. You wrote your first book and just received the printed copies

How to Drop Hints

  1. Enthusiastically comment on the flowers your friends receive
  2. Bring them to your favorite local flower shop
  3. Point out your favorite flowers and say, “If you’re ever wondering what kind of flowers I would like, these are the best for any occasion.”
  4. Express your great love of flowers and how amazing it would be to have them in the home more often, especially while celebrating special occasions. There’s a fair likelihood they’ll get the hint.
  5. For a last-ditch effort, make it easy for them. You can say something like, “Since receiving gifts is my love language, it would make me feel so good if you sent me some flowers every now and then. I’ve even set reminders on your calendar and included a list of my favorite flowers to help you.”

When to Buy Yourself Flowers

  1. Your partner doesn’t seem to get the hint
  2. You’re embracing your freedom as an unattached woman
  3. Your ex-spouse finally signed the divorce papers
  4. You’re taking a cue from Clueless
  5. You’re having a lovely dinner and wine night
  6. You’re having a fantastic hair day
  7. You treated yourself to a rejuvenating mani-pedi
  8. You paid off your credit card in full
  9. You’re ready to start the weekend
  10. You want to pamper yourself this self-care Sunday
  11. You’re feeling motivated after listening to “Flowers”
  12. You worked hard to deep-clean your entire home
  13. The living room has been freshly painted
  14. The kids are heading to a sleepover
  15. You’ve had a rough morning, and the afternoon doesn’t seem much better
  16. You want to continue having the best day
  17. You want to emulate The Eras Tour aesthetic in your home through flowers
  18. After coming home from your week-long vacation, you immediately unpacked and finished the laundry
  19. You want to bring the outdoors in with fresh summertime blooms
  20. It’s time to admire your favorite seasonal blooms

There’s no reason to wait until February for your partner to surprise you with fresh, fragrant flowers. Since there is always a reason to celebrate love, special occasions, and those little everyday moments “just because,” Expressions Unlimited is always ready with the best and brightest blooms.