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Posted by Staci Bryant on January 19, 2021 | Last Updated: August 13, 2021 Flowers Gifts Holiday Gifts Love and Romance Roses Valentine's Day


We know you’ve been searching for the best gifts to send your long-distance sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Well, your search might just be over. Here at Expressions Unlimited in Greenville, we’ve put together a list of our favorite gift ideas to make your honey swoon. From custom tokens of love to traditional classics, and everything in between, pick out something meaningful you know they’ll love.

Seven Favorite Ways To Express Love From A Distance

Conversation Starters

What’s more romantic than gifting your love some unique conversation? The best surprise to spice up your long-distance romance is a fun deck of conversation starters. You and your partner will be looking forward to your next virtual date night with new and fresh topics to spark refreshing banter.


One of the simple joys you might be missing the most is cooking dinner with your partner. If your romance thrives in the kitchen, send them a favorite cookbook. You can even keep a copy for yourself and enjoy preparing meals together with virtual cooking dates. Your sweetheart will love thinking of you each time they reach for the book to try something new or to whip up a favorite dish.

Framed Map

Gift your other half a sweet memory with a framed map. Creating this special token can remind them of the first place you met, a favorite date spot, where you enjoyed a great adventure, or even your current location so you can be with them in spirit. It’ll be a wonderful keepsake for them to hang on their wall as a beautiful cue to reminisce and feel your love.

“What I Love About You” Book

If you can’t be with your significant other to whisper in their ear how much you love them, why not write it down instead? A cute “What I Love About You” book allows you to answer prompts and fill in the blanks to create a personal experience they can read over and over again. Your Valentine will swoon as they flip through the pages of their new favorite book by their new favorite author.

Heart-Shaped Jigsaw

If you’re looking for a fun Valentine’s Day surprise that creates warm fuzzy feelings, a unique jigsaw puzzle could be perfect. A heart-shaped puzzle is more than a special gift, but a thoughtful gesture as your sweetheart can enjoy a new hobby. It’s perfect for helping time pass by a little quicker as you wait to reunite.

Send your love with our Today, Tomorrow and Forever Balloon Bouquet. Three of our most popular heart shaped balloons with the phrase "Today, Tomorrow & Forever" and "I Love You" are paired with red and silver hearts. A great way to show them that you care for any occasion; Birthday, Anniversary or just a reminder of your love. Tethered with a decorative weight, these balloons are all heart!

Today, Tomorrow, & Forever Balloon Bouquet

Filling their kitchen, living room, and bedroom with an abundance of flirty and quirky romance is easy with a playful balloon bouquet. For Valentine’s Day, the Today, Tomorrow, & Forever Balloon Bouquet will surely make them smile and giggle as they continue to wake up to these heart-shaped and love-filled balloons floating around their home. Tie these fun balloons to a bouquet of red roses or a bottle of wine for a classic and romantic gift.

Send them your thoughts and support with our Caring Comfort Packages

Caring Comfort

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s impossible to cuddle with your significant other as you watch your favorite movie or series. In your absence, send them “Caring Comfort.” This wonderfully cozy and comfortable gift set includes a Giving Shawl with a message of encouragement so they can feel your love wrapped all around them. The package also comes with Pink Giving Socks, so they can feel the warmth from the tips of their toes. Finally, the Giving Heart Pillow allows your sweetheart to feel a cozy hug with its “soft knitted yarn and stress-relieving weight.” Although it’s not the same, they’ll be as snug as if you were right there with them.

Love's Promise is a great way to show them you care

Love’s Promise

What’s more classic than sending your Valentine red roses? This year, make it special with “Love’s Promise.” Your sweetheart will adore premium roses accented with baby’s breath to brighten their day. Choose a traditional red rose, or mix it up with pink or yellow roses.

We know long-distance relationships come with challenges, but sending your Valentine a thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be one of them. Our team at Expressions Unlimited do their best to make the process of gift-giving as easy as possible.