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Posted by Staci Bryant on January 29, 2021 | Last Updated: February 1, 2021 Flowers Gifts Love and Romance Roses Valentine's Day


Enjoy the perfect day with your sweetheart right in your living room this Valentine’s Day. Set the mood with a romantic ambiance, spread some love, relax, and coordinate a surprise delivery. Whether you spend the day by yourself or with loved ones, your friends at Expressions Unlimited, Greenville’s top florist, compiled the best guide for an amazing at-home date.

Seven Romantic At-Home Date Ideas

Colorful board game pieces

Play Nostalgic Board Games

The best way to pass the time as a kid was by playing board games. “Battleship,” “Checkers,” and “Monopoly” are just a few classic favorites. Take your Valentine back in time with you as you dig out your old nostalgic board games. You’ll have a fun day of friendly stress-free competition. 

Romantic dinner in the living room with wine, candles, and grapes

Have a Picnic Inside

Instead of reservations at a crowded restaurant, turn your living room into a romantic dinner spot for you and your Valentine. Light candles, turn on the fireplace, dim the lights, and add fresh flowers to the coffee table. Order your favorite foods or spend time cooking the perfect meal to enjoy with your sweetheart. You can stay and drink here all night long. 

White paper bucket list and red pencil

Write a Couple’s Bucket List

While a romantic mood is set, it’s time to start daydreaming with your sweetheart. Create your couple’s bucket list with grand journies to embark on together, wonders to see, and thrilling activities to try. You won’t be able to wait to start your adventurous future together. 

Send your modern day Juliet, her perfect bouquet! Filled with all the favorites of the season, Lilies, Roses and Carnations. With an assortment of premium greeneries and created in a ruby red vessel, it is sure to please. This compact style bouquet is great for a desk, at home or work. Romeo, send your Juliet this bouquet.

Send Beautiful Blooms

Don’t keep all the love and romance to yourself this Valentine’s Day. Spread the love with wonderful flowers. As you get cozy with your love, choose the perfect blooms and arrange special deliveries to family, friends, and neighbors. They’ll be overcome with joy knowing you kept them in your heart this year as they admire a beautiful bouquet, like our “Juliet” arrangement.

Colorful craft supplies

Deliver Homemade Gifts

Looking for a way to make this year special for your community? Have yourself a day of arts and crafts and make homemade cards, write uplifting notes, or take on some more involved art projects like knitting or candle making. Deliver these unique crafts to local organizations, community hospitals, or neighborhood nursing homes. You’re sure to put smiles on faces and love in the hearts of others.

Couple walking in the snow holding hands

Go On a Romantic Walk

Leave your phones at home as you enjoy a peaceful stroll with your sweetheart. Bring along some hot beverages like cocoa, tea, or coffee to keep you warm as you get some fresh air. Enjoy new scenery like the trees in a nearby park or homes in your neighborhood, and spark some fresh conversation. 

Movie screen and clear bowl of popcorn

Have a Movie Marathon

Before the date begins, you’ll each need to create a list of what you think are the best films ever made. Write them on slips of paper to put into a hat or bowl. Take turns pulling movies and enjoy them together. Tell your partner why these movies are the best while you share some wine and popcorn.

Make this day special for yourself or for someone else. Might we suggest brightening the day with breathtaking blooms from Expressions Unlimited? Enjoy your day of love, however you choose to celebrate. Happy Valentine’s Day!