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Gifts That Go Great with Flowers

Send the person who is the sunshine of your life this bright bouquet. Created with bold sunflowers and romantic red roses with pops of daisies. A great way to show someone how much they mean to you.


The great thing about flowers is that everyone loves receiving them! Their hues and aromas are uplifting, plus, when paired with other gifts, flowers make the celebration extra special and memorable. Look no further than Expressions Unlimited, the top florist in Greenville, for a beautiful bouquet of flowers to go along with one of our thoughtful gift items. We not only have our own unique selection, but we also put together an exceptional gift guide that is full of ideas on how to wow your friends, family, and loved ones.

Perfect Flower and Gift Pairings

Couple holding hands together at table during romantic dinner in restaurant, closeup

Homemade Dinner

Whether for a loved one, family member, or friend, putting in the effort to make a homemade meal from scratch for them is always a much-appreciated gift. Whether it’s their favorite dish, comforting soup, or a new exotic recipe you want to try, make your dinner guest feel even more beloved by including a beautiful vase of flowers as the centerpiece, which will also double as a gift.

Spa Essentials

Spa items and chill time gift boxes with things like bath bombs, lotions, and essential oils are not only pretty are but are made to help you relax when you use them. Pairing these items with flowers enhances the relaxation and pretty factor by a million!

Our Truffle Temptation is a hand curated selection of our most popular truffles

Artisanal Chocolates

Just as one wants to savor and delight every beautiful bloom in a fresh bouquet of flowers, so too does one want to savor and delight every piece of hand-crafted truffles or artisanal chocolate deliciousness. Doing so simultaneously is truly a remarkable treat.


The sight and sweet aroma of a stunning, fresh bouquet of flowers can transport you to an exotic location, much like the way books can transport you to a new land. Pairing them together makes for the perfect escape into another world.

Valentines Day flowers and diamonds


Like a bouquet of fresh flowers, the gift of jewelry delights and surprises unsuspecting recipients. To pair them together makes this gift one to remember and cherish.


Instead of grabbing just any bottle of wine to go with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, put a little thought into it. For instance, choose one with a label that matches the colors of the flowers. If you know you have a bold-flavored wine, pair it with a boldly fragrant bloom, or a light, summery wine pairs well with summer flowers. Wine and flowers together make a good gift; when paired with a little thought, though, they make a great gift.

Our Birthday Star Balloon Bouquet makes sure they know they are the Star of the day!

Fun Balloon Bouquets

Whatever the occasion may be, you are sure to find an appropriate, fun, and heart-warming balloon bouquet fit for the celebration. Tying balloons to a vase full of their favorite blooms will make your gift extra special and truly outstanding. As the balloons float around their home for days, they are sure to smile and giggle each time they encounter them.

Our Taste of Gourmet Collection is a great gift to send for any occasion

Gourmet Gift Basket

You can never go wrong with a gourmet gift basket. While there are plenty to choose from, you will find the best one to celebrate mom, dad, beer-lovers, chocolate-lovers, snackers, and even fresh fruit-lovers. Each gift basket can be paired with a unique floral bouquet to complement its colors, theme, or season.

No matter the occasion, flowers are always a wonderful go-to gift idea. However, they become a brilliant way to celebrate friends, co-workers, family, partners, and loved ones when they are paired with a meaningful, fun, or beautiful gift item. Shop our great collection of gifts in addition to fresh and fragrant flowers here at Expressions Unlimited.