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Rich Red Flowers to Warm Your Space This Season

While outside can look and feel dreary, cold, and drab during the depths of autumn and winter months, your home certainly doesn’t have to follow suit. Between the warm glow of a fireplace, festival decor, and bold red flowers from Expressions Unlimited, the best florist in Greenville, SC, your humble abode will be feeling vibrant, cheerful, and full of life. Take a look at which red blooms have us feeling holly and jolly this year. 

Why We Love Red Flowers

Dramatic, alluring, and quite literally the most striking color, red cannot be ignored. In fact, red hues are the most distinguishable to the human eye and are the first color we identify as babies. Amazing! Undoubtedly, this gorgeous and bold pop of color is perfect for sprucing up any home festive decor this season. So, head out to your local florist for the most captivating red blooms you can find. It’ll be nearly impossible to keep your eyes off them.

Symbolism of the Color Red

Another way to admire the beauty of a particular color is to explore its symbolism. Red is rich in symbolic meanings, with some of the most universal being romance, love, passion, and desire. What would Valentine’s Day be without red?! Another well-known meaning of the color red is danger. Stop signs, warning signs, street lights, beach flags, and more red signs do a great job of quickly alerting us of dangerous situations. Red also symbolizes anger; you may be familiar with the red, hot-faced emoji. Finally, red signifies strength, courage, power, and confidence, like a strong, powerful country or superhero.

Warm Reds vs. Cool Reds

Cool hues and warm hues evoke different emotions or feelings that can change the tone of our home decor. For example, cool colors like green, blue, and purple offer a natural, serene, peaceful, harmonious, or even moody environment. At the same time, warm colors like red, orange, and yellow are joyful, mood-boosting, and uplifting, providing a bright environment. While choosing red blooms to warm your space this autumn and winter, select ones with warm undertones so you can incorporate a healthy dose of cheerful energy. 

Our Favorite Red Flowers For Warmth and Radiance


A common alternative to the traditional Christmas poinsettia, amaryllis blooms are large, bold, strong, and trumpet-shaped. Their name comes from the word “amarullis,” which means sparkle or splendor in the Greek language. 


Anemones are delicate and sweet flowers. Their name translates to “windflower,” which speaks to the appearance of their petals which look as if they had been gently blown open by the wind. The black centers of anemones offer a look that is dramatic, daring, and unmistakable.


Aster is a member of the daisy family and, as far as appearances go, takes after the common daisy. Aster has been around for thousands of years, so it’s no surprise to learn that many Greek mythology tales include this ancient bloom. For example, the ancient Greeks would turn to aster in order to ward off evil spirits and snakes.


Carnations have inspired many legendary artists and writers and happen to be the second most popular bloom next to the beloved rose. Carnations are often described as fascinating and distinct as their double-layered petals create a full and playful crinkle look. 


Currently, there are approximately 40 known species of chrysanthemums. Also known as “The Queen of Fall Flowers,” mums bloom in all colors, sizes, and shapes, with the bloom actually including many mini flowers. The red hues of this autumn favorite are radiant and bright symbols of passion and love.


Since the age of the dinosaurs, roses have been blooming all around the planet and are the oldest flower on earth. Roses are cherished, beloved, and celebrated in many famous poems, songs, paintings, plays, and books as true symbols of desire, beauty, love, and romance.

Our Favorite Red Blooming Plants


You might think of poinsettias as “the Christmas plant” since they have grown to become a lovely holiday icon. Included in holiday home decor and public seasonal displays, poinsettias are strongly liked to goodwill, cheer, joy, and community spirit.

Red-Blooming Holiday Plants Besides Poinsettias


Add dimension to your autumn and winter plant and floral collection with anthuriums. These waxy red tropical flowers are particularly appropriate for welcoming guests as they represent hospitality and happiness. 

Christmas Cactus

A favorite fall and winter houseplant, the Christmas cactus or schlumbergera, is able to thrive and produce vivid pink and red flowers for quite a long time. Since the Christmas cactus is a succulent, it is easy to care for and proves to be a phenomenal holiday gift for loved ones and dinner hosts.


The kalanchoe blossfeldiana, or Christmas kalanchoe, grows thick green leaves that are accented with bright yellow, orange, or red flowers that can stick around for months. These succulents begin to flourish as we push our clocks back and the nights grow long.


Bromeliads are some of the oldest plants that trace back approximately 30 to 65 million years ago. This stylish, contemporary, vibrant, and tropical plant offers an unmistakable look with spiky blooms and leaves that are nothing short of fascinating and represents passion and joy.

Winterberry Holly

Different from other plants and flowers on our list, winterberry holly transform into something enchanting and colorful once the green leaves of the shrub are shed during autumn. The gold and red berries that are left revealed are often placed into Christmas trees, woven into a holiday wreath or evergreen garland, or arranged in a vase.

Elevate your seasonal home decor and make your spirits brighter with long-lasting, fresh red flowers and blooming plants. Energetic, joyful, positive, and cheerful red blooms will add a burst of excitement, warmth, and powerful meaning to any space. Don’t wait; find the perfect red flowers from Expressions Unlimited in Greenville today.

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