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Posted by Staci Bryant on June 21, 2021 Benefits of Flowers Flowers Pet-Friendly Flowers Self-Care

The Best Blooms That Are Non-Toxic to Pets

Between the brilliant and colorful hues of your most loved blooms and the playful kisses and furry snuggles from your pet, it can be crystal clear to see why there has been an increase in bringing home both new flowers and new pets. As these two things elevate our lives and inspire true happiness, it is imperative to remember that there are flowers that are poisonous to fur babies. To be sure that our furry friends are safe in their own homes, the flower experts here at Expressions Unlimited, the best florist in Greenville, have a short list of the perfect pet-friendly flowers that are great for brightening your home.

Safe Flowers for Pets


In terms of classic flowers, roses are sure to remain a popular go-to bloom, whether you gift a bouquet of roses to a partner or friend or bring an elegant and lovely bunch home yourself. Pets and roses can also safely coexist in the same home if the thorns found on a rose’s stem are fully removed. In the event Fido decides to sneak a taste from the romantic symbol of love, rest assured he will be just fine.


If a burst of sunshine and happiness is on your wish-list for pet-friendly blooms, then look no further than the cheerful sunflower. These symbols of peace, joy, and positivity are harmless to furry friends, although they should avoid snacking on these, or any flowers, to steer clear of any mild digestive issues. Like gerbera daisies, sunflowers are also a wonderful alternative to chrysanthemums and common daisies, as these are toxic to pets.


Aside from being harmless to our furry friends, pansies are most loved for their eclectic “faces” and patterned petals that can last throughout the year. From red to yellow and purple to blue, these sweet and charming flowers thrive in cooler weather but can do just as well inside during the hot summertime. In case your pet wants to get a taste of their minty flavor, be sure to remove the dead leaves and petals and replenish their water to help your pansies continue flourishing.


If their signature trumpet-shaped petals have yet to capture your attention, the petunia’s sweet fragrance sure will. These blooms are a top choice among cat moms and dog dads as they are non-poisonous to pets as well as thrive in hanging baskets or elegantly cascade from window boxes. These summer and spring flowers are thoughtful and stunning gifts for hostesses, housewarming parties, and Mother’s Day.

African Violet

While we love to see them on the kitchen windowsill, African violets are a short and sweet blooming plant that can brighten up any space. Cherished for centuries, and possibly displayed in your great-grandmother’s home, these popular houseplants can offer a sense of nostalgia, calmness, and childhood memories. When cared for correctly, these pet-approved flowers can bloom year-round and grace us with their presence and charming ruffled petals.

How to Protect your Pets from Toxic Flowers

As many of our fur babies like to show off their green thumb or dabble in the art of gardening, no matter how safe your blooms are for pets, it is a good idea to keep your flowers out of reach. Displaying your favorite flowers in a tasteful way where they can easily be admired and appreciated might mean creating an eclectic floral wall. Utilize unique shelving or gather hanging baskets and pots to replant some blooms. This way, your playful pets can peacefully coexist with your urban jungle. For more pet-friendly suggestions or to grow your brilliant collection of botanicals, your friends here at Expressions Unlimited are ready to lend a helping hand.